Our Vision
"Let your light shine"
based on Matthew 5.16

School Uniform

We encourage all children to wear school  uniform. We believe this encourages equality, nobody looks any different than their peers.

We do not have an approved supplier.  Our uniform core colour is Burgundy and the logo is optional.

Sweatshirts can be purchased reasonably priced from supermarket outlets, at the beginning of the school year.

If you wish to purchase uniform with our school logo embroidered on is available from two suppliers;


Phone              01642 601501                   

E-mail  https://www.motif8.co.uk/schools/primary-schools/egglescliffe-primary.html

Website     www.motif8.co.uk

Address     Motif8 Embroidery & Print Ltd, Stephenson Street, Stockton. TS17 6AL


Phone              01642 636650

E-mail   https://www.rawcliffes-stockton.co.uk/schools/egglescliffe-primary.html      

Address     36 Prince Regent Street, Stockton-On-Tees, Cleveland. TS18 1DF



The school uniform incorporates colours: pale blue, burgundy, black, grey and white.

  • Tailored trousers or shorts Charcoal grey/black
    • Dresses Red/white gingham
    • Skirts/pinafores               Grey
    • Socks or tights                 Black or grey
    • Polo Shirts                       Pale blue with or without  our embroidered school badge
    • Sweatshirts/Cardigans      Burgundy with or without our embroidered school badge

Please ensure that your child brings a waterproof coat to school every day and that this is clearly named.


School book bags are available from our uniform stockists. Please note if your child is new to our school, a book bag will be provided free of charge,  courtesy of ‘Friends of Egglescliffe.


All pupils are expected to have a school PE kit consisting of plimsolls for indoor use, a white polo shirt or tee shirt and a dark pair of shorts. This PE kit should be available in school every school day.

For outdoor games children will require the above together with a dark jogging suit and trainers.

Your child’s outdoor kit should be brought in at the beginning of the week and taken home at the end of the week to be laundered.

To encourage independence, children will be expected to ensure their kit is in school for their P.E. lessons. If your child forgets to bring the appropriate kit into school for their Games or PE lesson they will be expected to evaluate the performance of others in the lesson.

Children must access ALL physical activities and will only be excused a games lesson if a letter is sent to school with a medical explanation. Named P.E. bags should be of a reasonable size to ensure safe storage


Shoes should be plain black, (with no markings or colours on them). For Health and Safety, footwear should be flat lace-up/Velcro, bar shoes. Heavy boots (unless for medical reasons) and high-heeled or pointed shoes are not allowed. 


We discourage the wearing of jewellery, in our school.  If your child has pierced ears then only studs are allowed. 

Children must be able to remove and re-apply their own ear-rings before any P.E. or Games lesson.  


All children with long hair will be expected to have it tied back in a ponytail, use a headband or have their hair in plaits for P.E. lessons. 

Children in KS1 must have their hair as above to help prevent the spread of Head Lice.

In KS2, children may wear their hair down, but it must be held back from covering their face.  For example—with a head band or with clips.

 All children to be able to dress, undress and manage their shoes and their fastenings         independently.

                           Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly                                                   labelled with your child’s name.    


Egglescliffe Primary School is part of the Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust. Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust is a company limited by guarantee (company number 10847279) and exempt charity registered in England and Wales at Cuthbert House, Stonebridge, Durham, DH1 3RY.